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Hottie Pilates Studio

Hottie Pilates Studio

The Pilates studio offers:
A modern classical form of PILATES called 'Hottie Pilates'.
What is Hottie Pilates?
•An upbeat fast paced controlled exercise program using the total body to:
* make you stronger
•  loosen those areas of the body that are stiff and tight 
* improve your coordination
•promote fat loss and burn more calories  
•put more muscles to work more efficiently 
Results from Hottie Pilates 
•Muscles begin to show and become defined, especially in the arms, back and stomach area.
•overall body begins to have a slimming appearance.
 •posture is remarkably better
•bones become stronger 
• improvement in your flexibility and balance 
When will I see the results?
How long does it take?
How much time will I have to sacrifice?  
The program will intensify around the 6th session. We recommend 3-4 days a week. If you are training elsewhere and depending on what your existing workout program is, we recommend 2 times a week.
Between 2-6 months you will see a remarkable gain in strength as well as a difference in the way you look.
The Pilates studio is:
An intimate, private, elegant boutique training studio. The ratio is one instructor up to 3 people only.  Individualized training for your needs would be accomplished with this ratio.

Hottie Pilates Studio

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Welcome to Hottie Pilates Studio

Janice - Owner & Founder of Hottie Pilates
Janice - Owner & Founder of Hottie Pilates

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