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Is Hottie Pilates classical pilates?

Hottie Pilates is a contemporary approach to Pilates. The workouts are based on everyday functional movements, athletic movements and strength building exercises based on Pilates techniques. Our own 3 bar system with resistance springs and our very own creation of the Hottie box along with weighted bars, balls, hand weights and barrels are used in the Hottie Method. Unlike classical Pilates, our exercises are not performed in the same order during every class. Our progressive movements also include quick bursts of power and pace, which makes the heart rate soar for a great cardio workout. Movement is vital and perfecting posture is the goal. Moderate pace with an injection of speed and power gives Hottie Pilates its name.


How many times a week should I do Hottie Pilates to see results?

The program will intensify around the 6th session.  We recommend 3-4 days a week.  If you are training elsewhere and depending on what your existing workout program is, we recommend 2 times a week.  Between 2-6 months, you will see a remarkable gain in strength as well as a difference in the way you look.



Will Hottie Pilates help me lose weight?

Yes, and it will reshape your body. The body is made to move. When you use a lot of muscles (remember the heart is a muscle too), you raise your heart rate - you will feel the sweat and feel your heart beat going up. This is when you begin burning calories. At Hottie Pilates we constantly challenge the heart. The more calories you burn, the more weight you lose.


I am not sure if I want to do Hottie Pilates, can I just try it out? Do I have to sign a contract?

At Hottie Pilates we want you to be here because you love it. We do not have contracts.  You will begin with a Private session.


I would love to do Hottie Pilates, but I cannot come on a regular basis and I don't want to lose the results I have gained. What do you suggest?

We offer iPhone/iPad apps. They are a very good alternative when you are not able to attend sessions in our studio.


I want to lose 10 lbs. Do you offer diet and nutrition programs at Hottie Pilates?

We are not registered dietitians and we can only make suggestions. At Hottie Pilates, we encourage balanced meals of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and fat. We believe that losing weight slowly is the best way to maintain a healthy weight. A pound a month of fat loss is huge. At the end of a year, that is 10-12 pounds of fat loss. On average people spend more time on fad diets and lose weight quickly, but find out a year later that they weigh 5 pounds more than when they started. It is better to set realistic goals for long term staying power.


Are Hottie Pilates instructors certified?

YES, all instructors are Certified. There are no national or state standards for instructors; however, there are a wide range of Pilates programs available for those interested in becoming an instructor. Universally, an instructor should have 3-5 years experience in equipment and mat, 1-2 years study in anatomy and physiology, special populations and teaching skills, or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field. In addition 500- 700 hours of training from a reputable Pilates training center.



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