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Hottie Pilates is a Modern workout system

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The  Pilates Studio is an intimate, private, elegant boutique training studio.

The ratio is one instructor up to 3 people only.


 The Pilates Studio  offers a modern classical form of Pilates called HOTTIE PILATES


It is an upbeat fast paced controlled exercise method using the total body to:

  • make you stronger 

  • loosen those areas of the body that are stiff and tight

  • improve coordination

  •  promote fat loss

  • burn more calories 


The results from using the Hottie Pilates method:

  •  Muscles begin to show and become defined, especially in the arms, back and stomach area

  •  Overall body begins to have a slimming appearance

  • Posture is remarkably better

  •  Bones become stronger 

  • Improvement in your flexibilty and balance







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Contact us to schedule an appointment. Clients will begin with Privates or half hour Private equipment  sessions before entering a  Group Equipment Session. These sessions are necessary to allow instructors to see how you move and to observe your strengths and weaknesses. We will guide you into a Group that will be appropriate to your level.



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