A one time, non-refundable fee applied after your First Session



Private Equipment sessions are necessary for all individuals who enter the Hottie Pilates workout program. The only exception is through staff approval. These private sessions are geared to evaluate the individual's body movements through a variety of body positioning using all the equipment. We will focus on form and posture as well as learning the equipment. You will progress at your own pace which will heighten your confidence as you move through each piece of equipment and experience the challenges that each will bring. Clients will take between 6-10 private or 30 minute Private sessions before entering Group Equipment sessions.




Private Sessions (55 Min.) 

Private sessions are one-on-one personalized training classes that are customized for each individual's fitness level. Clients are taken through a variety of full body exercises using various pilates equipment (reformer, chair, cadillac and spring /box).

  • $115 single session

  • $135 single session with Janice


Half hour Private Session (available on request)

  •  $75


Duo Sessions (55 Min.)

This is a private session for two people.  Ideally, working out with a friend or partner is the best!

  • Two clients with one instructor

  • $65 per person


Group Sessions (55 Min. - All levels)

At Hottie Pilates, we group according to personality. We feel that to have the 'Flow' and the right energy, you have to be grouped with people you enjoy working out with. Coaching clients on all levels can be done more effectively. During the group session, the individual will learn and develop additional modifications and variations of movement skills. Individuals will receive continuous concrete feedback from instructors on their progress. Pilates mat, reformer, chair and cadillac will all be used in a group setting. We will also use weighted bars and balls.

  • Up to 4 clients per group

  • $50 per person


Virtual Sessions (45 - 55 Min.)

Private - $67.50

Duo - 2 people $32.50 per person

Group - $25.00



Pilates App for the iPhone, iPod and iPad

We now have 2 apps available thru iTunes. You can now workout in the comfort of your own home by purchasing our Hottie Pilates app for the iPhone, iPod touch or i Pad. For only $2.99 you will have access to full-length workouts 24/7, without the need for a wireless or 3G network connection. More info >

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